Fun Projects and Challenges You Can Do With Your Family, Friends or Schoolmates

Find a fund that saves a type of animal or something and get the address for that fund,i found one for a tiger fund,and send money to that fund saying it's to help with research.
BluetigerUnited States  
You can try to come up with a new material to make all the things we need from trees. If you suceed try in any way to tell the president.
caroline8United States  
You could raise money for animals shelters,take shorter showers,recycle,tell kids at school that Earth is our planet.We have to take drastic measures or else we would never colonize Earth.We should create clubs and ask permmision to hang up recycled paper posters in your school.
earthkid109United States  
Make a composter! When your done with the composter you can use what you made with it and use it for a garden that you can grow! Not store boughts! That can save the earth! Please comment.
tatafoxy1United States  
Start a compost or a garden! Get fresh food instead of pesticide ridden food, or energy wasting imported food. Or just simply make a chart of shower lengths and compare your showers over time and think of ways to shorten them! Have your parents time themselves, too!
epicatUnited States  
Plant an earth friendly garden in your back yard with flowers that attract butterflies! You can also start a compost pile that is earth-friendly and also great soil for your garden!
maeverocks123United States  
think together............act together............helps make a better earth <3
felwa 66United States  
Gallons per minute test: Take a bucket or bowl and put it under a shower or faucet. Turn the water on. Use a watch or stopwatch and let the water run for one minute. Turn off the water and measure how many gallons of water you have captured in a minute. If it is more than two gallons then ask your parents to get a low-flow plumbing fixture for the shower or sink.
khollandUnited States  
Make up your own green game that does not use electricity, but it can use natural and recycled materials. (Send us you ideas and we will post them on our website.).
khollandUnited States  
Do a brainstorming session with your friends and family to come up with ten or more tips to save the earth.
khollandUnited States  

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